Our Values


Live Eco is all about our values and our local community both locally in Geelong, as well as Victoria and throughout Australia. Without these, we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

OUR VALUES are Community, Supporting Local, Sustainability, Quality, Education and Recycling

Community / Supporting Local

Servicing our local community, and our Live Eco customers all over Australia, with ethical, sustainable and earth-friendly products, is a privilege we don't take lightly.

You are our backbone. You help us to understand what there is a real need for in your homes. Your feedback is always considered and highly valued.  We are honoured by every customer that takes the time to spread the word about our business, our products and how to live more sustainably with their everyday purchases.

Through the careful selection of our productions, we support a large range of small businesses both locally and all over Australia..We are a small business too, so it is hugely important to our business ethos.


Sustainability practices drive all of our product choices. It is paramount to our business when we select items for sale in the store. Our own business decisions and practices must be sustainable, and we seek the same from the businesses we choose to work with.

We are conscious that we are still learning, that there is always room for improvement of both our own habits and practices.  As a result, we choose to be an example to others who wish to lead a more conscious way of consuming products, with education and suggestions provided to our customers.


Prior to stocking any products at Live Eco, we put them through our own quality testing process. We seek detailed feedback and action our own research to ensure that we only stock high-quality items.

This further supports our community of customers by providing them a minimal choice of options, with preference being given to local businesses where high-quality items are produced.


An important message from Live Eco to our community, and a message that we have based our business on, is that purchasing products with the environment in mind, and living a more earth-conscious lifestyle, is not about being perfect, but about being aware, properly educating ourselves, and putting into practice what we learn where possible.

As a result, we provide support and education to our community of customers and work with them closely to determine which products will work best for their lifestyle given their unique needs.


We want to encourage recycling and make it easier for members of our local community to do so.

When seeking locations to recycle goods that aren’t accepted by the council, Live Eco proudly operates a variety of supporting services.

As a Terracycle drop off point, customers can drop off a variety of recyclable items in one handy location at Live Eco, making it accessible, convenient and easy.

This supports our mission to facilitate small changes in people’s lives that can have a large impact on the environment if we all work together.

Recycling also encourages every day items to be transformed into other products, rather than the requirement to source new materials, further supporting our aims towards sustainability in practice.

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