How to sign up to your favourite, regularly used items

Do you want to have your eco-friendly toothbrush or laundry liquid magically appear at your front door every few months?

We thought you might - who doesn't want ease with their eco essentials!

You can now subscribe to your favourite items and have them delivered in the time period that works for you, saving you time and money when it comes to essentials that need to be regularly topped up.

What are the benefits to subscribing?

  • Set and forget - order once and have your item/s delivered at a frequency that suits you, such as every 3 months
  • Tailored to your needs - take control of your subscriptions by changing your frequency as needed and opt out at any time
  • Free local delivery - applies to those that live within the Geelong area (see below for instructions)
  • Get individual items delivered when suits you - order items on separate frequencies in the same transaction, for eg. set your toothbrush to be delivered every 3 months and your liquid laundry drum once a year
  • 10% discount - on the items you subscribe to
  • Variety - over 70 items to subscribe to!

The items you can subscribe to

Personal Care Items

 Organic cotton make up pads Cotton balls Cotton wool balls
Nail polish remover Feminine hygiene products Toothbrushes
Toothpaste Dental floss Band aids
Soap Deodorant Baby wipes
Reusable make up remover pads Hand sanitiser

Lip balm



Kitchen & Cleaning
Coconut scourers Dishwasher powder Laundry liquid refills
Dish liquid refills Laundry liquid bottles and drums Dish liquid bottles and drums
Laundry soaker Water jug filters Dish and bottle brushes and heads
Dish cloths Bin liners Dog poo bags
Castille soap bottles and refills
  1. Head to the ‘Subscription Items’ option in the main SHOP tab. Here you will find all the items that you can have delivered to you on a regular basis.
  2. Once you’ve clicked on an item, you will see the quantity option as well as your purchase options. Select the quantity you would like delivered and then choose the ‘Subscribe and Save’ purchase option.
  3. Choose the frequency you’d like the item delivered to you (3 months, 6 months or yearly). Then click ‘Add to cart’
  4. You will be taken to your cart to view its contents. If you’d like to subscribe to more items, just click ‘Continue Shopping’ or go back to the SHOP tab and click on the ‘Subscribe & Save’ option to be taken back to the items that can be subscribed to.
  5. DISCOUNTED DELIVERY: If you live locally (within 20km of Bell Park, VIC) put in the code LOCALSHIP at checkout to receive free delivery. If you live just outside of this area (within 35km of Bell Park, VIC) put in the code OUTERSHIP at checkout to receive $5 flat rate delivery.

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