The Duneed Darlings Regular Shield + 2 Liners


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Sales of these reusable menstrual sanitary items contributes 100% to the purchase of fabrics to sew more washable sanitary wear for distribution to women in rural Nepal. The practice of Chaupadi still occurs in Nepal, which is where women are sent away to live in a hut/shed during menstruation.

The not-for-profit group 'We All Rotate' go into areas of Nepal where this practice still occurs to educate villagers on menstruation and teach them about hygienic practices women can put into place while they're menstruating. 

A local group of Geelong women, called The Duneed Darlings, have gathered together to fund, purchase, cut and sew these reusable sanitary items. Your purchase therefore helps to continue their work.

How to use:

- Fold the liner into 3 and place each end in the end of the shield so that it it will stay in place.

- The idea is to just replace the liner as needed rather than the liner and shield, although sometimes this won't be the case.

- These are a great starting point for girls who are just starting their period as the liners look like handkerchiefs and can therefore be discreetly placed in their pocket to be changed when need be.

How to wash:

- Save water and rinse in the bottom of the shower or at the laundry sink until water runs clear, wash with similar colours

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