Saarinen Organics Hypericum Oil 20ml

Saarinen Organics Hypericum Oil 20ml
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Usage Tips: Hypericum is normally sold and advertised as 'relaxing tea', it also has the same effect on dry, tight skin that is itchy as a result. The hypericum will relax and moisten the skin which will in effect relieve the itch that is in relation to the dry skin. The essential oils aid in a antibacterial manner also.

Once the itch has subsided, an adjunct to the oil is the Hypericum Body Cream which is packed full of Vitamin D, oils and honey, for an all intensive skin hydration treatment that will relieve the dry skin itch cycle.


Certified organic Olive Oil infused with wild-harvest chemical-free Hypericum Flowers (St Johns Wart); certified organic Rosemary Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil and chemical -free local Lavender Essential oil.

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