Why it's important to buy organic cotton menstrual products.

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Did you know most tampons contain plastic in them/around them? As well as perfumes, synthetic materials, and dyes? One of our most delicate areas should not be exposed to any of these. Over time, imagine what these things do when being put literally inside you?! And, as you can imagine, these nasties also cause issues for our environment.

100% organic cotton tampons and pads with biodegradable components, sans perfumes, plastics, and synthetic materials, are much better for our landfill issue due to their ability to break down easily.

Organic cotton is also the material of choice for pads and tampons due to the absent use of pesticides in its cultivation. This means much better for you, as well as the workers that pick the cotton, as there is no exposure to toxic chemicals. No pesticides also means much better for the environment, yay!

Organic cotton tampons have also shown to reduce the chance of toxic shock syndrome compared to cotton and rayon or solely rayon (please note - less risk does not mean you should leave your tampon in longer than is recommended). Using natural, unadultered menstrual tampons and pads may also be helpful for many womanly problems such as endometriosis, irritation and soreness, and itching. 

Have you ever heard of fibre loss in tampons? I hadn't either.

This is a problem found with cotton/rayon tampons and solely rayon tampons. When inserted, these tampons leave small fibres behind, which can cause infection and increase the chances of toxic shock syndrome. Sole organic cotton tampons are less likely to shed after being inserted due to the way cotton interlocks with each strand.

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