Reusable bags used to be so uncool.

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I have been using reusable bags for longer than 10 years now.

It wasn't a common thing to do back then really. With two adults and 3 children living in the same household, we would end up with bundles and bundles of plastic bags each week after doing the groceries, so I had to do something to reduce this, not only for the sake of the pantry space filled with bundles and bundles of plastic bags, but also the impact this would have been having on the environment.

I think that it is wonderful that people are now being pushed to use their own bags, something had to happen to shake people a little, to help them think outside the bubble we all live in.

When all the kerfuffle happened with Coles and Woolworths scrapping plastic bags, I was amazed at how many people kicked up a stink. Alot of people made it harder on themselves than it needs to be.

My tips to help with this change are:

  • Get yourself a scrunchable backpack or shopping bag to keep in your handbag or glovebox;
  • Keep a bag in your car with half of your reusable bags and half in a bag at home;
  • If you don't have enough bags, or have forgotten altogether, and don't have too many things, put them back in your trolley once paid for and put into the bags that are in your car or just straight in your car if you've forgotten your bags altogether.

I think it would be great if all grocery stores, large and small, had a box at the front that people could put some of their growing supply of reusable bags in for other people to use if they happen to have forgotten. Plastic Free Bellarine had set something up like this in the Portarlington Woolworths and it seemed to work really well!

Have you approached your local supermarket about something doing something like this? If so, what was their response? What are your thoughts on reusable bags and the bag ban? We'd love to hear from you!

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