Our 5 FAVE items for Back to School!

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Schools these days are trying to reduce their waste as much as possible.

An easy way to do this is to encourage families to send their children with food in containers rather than single-use packaging.

This not only helps to reduce waste at school, but also allows you to dispose of packaging properly, such as putting a chip packet into soft plastic recycling.

Find out why we think the below 5 items are must haves for sustainable lunches!

    • Reusable waterproof pouches: ditch glad bags and plastic lunch bags and get yoself a reusable snack bag instead! Lined with PUL, these bags can happily house cut fruit or veg, a sandwich, biscuits, nuts and seeds, leftover pizza, plus so much more!
      • Reusable lunch wrap: never use cling film for lunch again with this ever so easy to use wrap. Use it for wrapping sandwiches, chopped fruit or veg, or biscuits (or even store lettuce or loose mixed lettuce in it in the fridge, it keeps it fresh for a good week or so!), easily wash it in the sink with your dishes, store it folded up with ease, and fit it snugly in your lunch box or bag. The other great bit with these is that they're made from recycled plastic bottles!
      • Rice husk lunchbox: this little guy is very versatile, from microwave and dishwasher safe, to being leakproof and made from what would usually be a waste item. The divider that comes in the lunchbox can also be removed or placed in two different locations, depending on what suits best for your contents.

        • Recycled plastic ruler: a ruler made from recycled plastic, YES PLEASE! We love this because it means no new materials have been used to make this product, therefore reducing waste.

          • Recycled cardboard wrapped pens: these pens are wrapped with recycled cardboard making them the perfect alternative to standard pens encased in plastic.



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