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I hate wasting fresh fruit and vegetables, especially because waste can be easily avoided with a little extra thought. Here are some of my favourite recipes to help use up fruit & veg that's looking sad at the bottom of your crisper:


  • Risotto - Roughly chop veg into smaller chunks using a food processor, don't waste your time chopping! Just adds a rustic element to the meal too. If you've got half a jar of pasta sauce or passata you need to use, use this in place of some of the water or stock needed, adds a bit more flavour to the meal.
  • Soup - Got heaps of broccoli? Cream of broccoli soup. Lots of old celery? Cream of celery soup. You get the gist. Add a potato in here, half a carrot there, whatever you've got pleading at you from the fridge to put it out of its misery. This is a great way to use up cream, sour cream, or milk too.
  • Lasagna - Grate zucchini, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, potato (again use the function on a food processor to make life easier) and add it to the sauce. Great way to use sad looking cheese that has a few hard bits on it.
  • Roast vegetables: Broccoli, Cauli, Carrot, Potato, Zucchini, Capsicum, Mushrooms, Asparagus - go nuts!!


  • Apple pie - Any excuse to make an apple pie hey ;)
  • Smoothie - You can literally chuck any fruit into a smoothie, especially if you've got something that chops it up to nothing. If you don't want to use it there and then, chop it up and freeze it for another day!
  • Banana Bread - Soooo easy to make, soooo many variations. Use up eggs and whatever type of milk you've got in this recipe too. You can also make a version of this but with pear, chuck a few berries in there too.
  • Stewed fruit - Apples, Nectarines, Plums, Peaches, can all be stewed. Add a little sugar and water, cook till super soft, mash if you like, and then freeze any you won't use in a few days. Great with some ice cream or yoghurt or on the top of pancakes.

There would be so many more options than this. We'd love you to share these down below or send us an email!

Erin X

(To save veg from going sad at all, another option is to use a veggie saver bag so  it lasts that bit longer, then you don't have to worry about using it quick! Click here to find out more).

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  • Doreen: March 23, 2020

    Terrific post! My favourite way to use old veg is to make veggie stock! I simply keep an ice cream container in the freezer and keep adding to it any vegetable scraps (eg carrot and celery ends, corn cobs, capsicum cores, any shriveled onion/ onion ends, you get the gist!) and when I get a couple of full containers I dump them into a stock pot and whip up some tasty stock which can then be used for soups, risotto, sauce etc etc…Then once used, the scraps can be composted!

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